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Conversations with Christyna

by Christyna Giles Washington

Money Talks. Are you Listening???

A personal injury loan can provide the financial relief needed while your case is pending. It is not a loan in the traditional sense, based on a credit score, collateral, or ability to pay back.

It is signed to help you keep your life as normal as possible while your case is being settled.  However, some people believe the pre-settlement loan is the PRIZE and forget that their daily commitments and lifestyle can be greatly impacted while the case is being reviewed and the money they received can help.

Typically, injury victims have rent, utility bills, car payments, medical bills, child support, and other financial obligations to meet every month.  What do they do if they can’t earn an income due to their injuries?  That is where having a good understanding of what it will take to keep your financial life moving while your case is being reviewed and the personal injury loan can help make that possible.

As a borrower Make Sure:

  1. You know what your monthly expenses are each month and what takes priority.
  2. Contact your credit card companies, car loan providers and utility companies and seek a reduced rate payment plan, if possible.
  3. Use the advance money wisely so it will last and help you in your time of need.

Having the ability to receive a settlement loan is a good thing and can be very helpful in your time of need.  It is up to you to know exactly what and how you want to use it to make sure that it HELPS  and doesn’t put you further in financial trouble.  Remember, money talks is designed to help you manage your loan with small tips.  Make sure your listening.

Conversations with Christyna

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